Flooring Forensics: Installing New Flooring Over Old Floors – Oct 2020

Both hard and soft surface flooring is capable of being installed this way. A: Flooring over flooring guidelines should be the same. Also, if carpet is to be installed over carpet, there must be a component to allow it to adhere, unless the installation is to be done with tackless strip. Q: Are there other factors to consider in a commercial environment? It was intended primarily for commercial carpet being installed over existing carpet to save money and time. A: Time and money are the drivers, as they are with most flooring installations, especially that of commercial flooring. If you’re gluing the new flooring over the top of existing flooring, the old flooring must be clean of all contaminants and bond breakers. If you’re planning to leave old carpet down, the old carpet must be cleaned first. Years ago, one of my mentors developed a peel and stick mesh material for installing carpet over carpet. Applying oil to the half of the ball that you’ll sink into the cement makes sure that the mix won’t stick to the styrofoam as it dries.

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I set mine off to one side rather than in the centre of the circular dish so that I left room for a flat space that other pieces like my watch, which won’t roll of the edge because it’s flat, or hair pins can sit on. Next, apply oil to one half of your styrofoam ball; this will be the half you sink into the cement to make a depression in its surface that will hold pieces of jewelry that won’t sit well on a flat surface. Don’t think that floating a floor over old flooring in this situation will be better as it likely will not. However, with new floating flooring systems and flooring materials that don’t use adhesive out of a bucket, this poses new questions as to how viable and prudent it is to do this. 2. Plan it out. Regardless of your hopes, dreams or expectations, you can find a source of information to help you plan by researching the internet.

Flooring Forensics: Installing New Flooring Over Old Floors - Oct 2020 for installing carpet over carpet

8. Use a biological filter to help eliminate nitrates and nitrites from the water. Have you ever placed a pot or vase of flowers down in your home and thought to yourself that, even though they’re quite pretty the way they are, you can’t help wondering whether you couldn’t make things look even cuter? Electric fires or period-style radiators can be atmospheric without the carcinogens but if you can’t bring yourself to give up your wood-burner, bust open those windows as often as possible to refresh the air. Garage floor rubber mats not only provide good flooring, but also give a different look to the garage. Grinding tools give you unlimited design versatility, allowing you to create floors that mimic more traditional materials, such as tile or slate, or custom design a truly dramatic look. Concrete grinding tools don’t harbor allergens, are easy to clean, and provide endless creative options. 6. Accept only concrete and steel rebar construction.

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That’s how this concrete flower stand came about! Once the entire project has dried all the way through and the cement has hardened through the centre, remove the tape that’s holding the styrofoam ball in place and lift the ball out of the concave shape it’s made there. Q: Are there squeaking issues to consider? An example is an old vinyl tile floor; it may or may not contain asbestos, may look like it’s down tighter than two coats of paint and research may tell you it’s been down for decades without any issues on the old substrate. A: If you’re floating a floor, there are always going to be squeaking issues to consider, whether it’s installed over an old floor or an existing substrate. Don’t be an island; there are always answers to your questions, and they don’t always come from the manufacturer. It is necessary to ensure that there are no sharp objects left on the floor. Last year, researchers for the Journal of Exposure Science and Environmental Epidemiology found that it would take between 10 and 1,000 plants per square metre of floor space to compete with the air cleaning power of a couple of open windows in a house.

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If you’re in the market for a new plant anyway, Nasa’s 1989 Clean Air Study found that peace lillies, ferns, Devil’s ivy and spider plants are among the best at removing chemicals like formaldehyde and carbon monoxide from the air. Covering the old flooring with anything, whether a membrane of some kind or new flooring, is a gamble at best. Since they are inexpensive, easy to maintain and durable, they are the most popular type of garage flooring. At any rate, some type of substrate adjustments will have to be made. A: You’ll have to raise the elevation with some type of shim material or leveling agent. If angling down, you’ll have to remove substrate material and patch and undercut door jambs to make the transition. A simple fix is to put talcum powder in between the joints of the flooring material to stop squeaking. My love for cement crafts absolutely stems from my admiration of industrial chic and minimalist home decor aesthetics that put concrete to good use, which explains why I’ve been feeling the urge to make and display more DIY cement projects in my home.

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