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Let’s face it, a good Persian rug can cost a lot of money, and most people will be hesitant to make a significant investment on something they know little about. An authentic Persian rug is handmade. For additional value, a rug could also provide a much-needed increase in the design elements of the patio. The value increase to the home is magnified with easy to clean and maintain rugs. This increase in availability means there are styles and selections for any taste and decor options for patios and other outside areas. There are a lot of machine woven imitation rugs out on the market. There are a number of sites out there that sell authentic Persian rugs, with money back guarantees and free shipping. Once you have determine a rugs authenticity, there are several things to look for in selecting a rug. Selecting among the two is more a matter of personal preference. Selecting a Persian rug can be a daunting task for most people.

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Be careful of dealers who chemically wash the Persian rug to give it that aged look. The best solution for most is to find a reputable dealer who will work with you to find the rug you are looking for. For a rug to be the best possible addition to the patio, it needs to be able to be cleaned or family and friends will not like to be around it. Hose cleaning outside is the best choice, followed by letting the rug dry in the air. Most area rugs clean easily with right cleaning agents and process. The next thing to look for in outdoor rugs for patios is how easy it is to clean and maintain. The first thing to look for is a rug that will bring value to the property. A wear pattern not only looks bad, it also takes away from the value and life of the rug. Most often, there is a specific traffic pattern that can affect any area rug. There is a lot of misinformation out there as to what to look for. The spaces feel different because they are highlighted in unusual ways, making people try out new uses for the spaces.

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A round rug can help to create new spaces in a patio since they can be placed differently than other shaped rugs can be. The disadvantage to this is you will be paying for their help and advice in the markup of the rug, which can be quite high. The high traffic indoor/outdoor rugs used on patios or other places also should be easy to clean too. Rugs that are outside really need to be as easy to clean as possible. To prevent such wear, it is important to rotate the rug at least once a year and more often if possible. Generally, the more knots per square inch, the more valuable the rug. Probably the most well known and widely used is Knots Per Square Inch, commonly abbreviated as KPSI. Within each style, there are many popular and well known variations. How old a Persian rug is important as well. Persian rugs can typically have between 20 and 700 knots or more in a one-inch by one-inch area. So, try to rotate your rug and rug / carpet pad at least once a year and for larger rugs, use the help of someone else to make the task easier and more effective.

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A traditional carpet cleaning company is not the same as one that specializes in area rugs. An older carpet is generally more expensive. Use the internet or your local library to learn more. Another alternative is to use the power of the internet. Rugs can become soiled from regular use. Value added can be something as simple as the rug being nice to walk across. Outdoor rugs for patios are a great choice for adding value to a home. This can help determine the value when comparing similar rugs. Next, the rug pad can prevent wear and damage to the rug. Since the foundation is what keeps every handmade rug intact, it must be shielded against unnecessary wear. Since handmade rugs contain a foundation on which the knots are tied, we must not compromise the foundation. Isfahan, Tabriz and Qum are popular City styles. Various terms you will hear are Tribal styles and City styles.

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By rotating your rugs, you are preventing a specific wear pattern on one part of the rug. While we can walk all over the rug, most rugs experience a pattern of traffic. Be careful to use a reliable cleaning company with experience with cleaning your type of area rug. Round area rugs are a good choice rather than square or rectangular rugs because they bring new shapes to a space. With the many options in patterns and design, patio rugs can make it so family members and visitors are encouraged to utilize the patio space. Gabbeh, Shiraz and Bakhtiari are popular Tribal styles. Learn about the different styles. As a rule, a good quality rug should have at least 70 knots per square inch. The natural fibers have a greater level of strength than machine-made rugs with synthetic fibers. Once upon a time there weren’t as many choices for rugs that would work outside, but that’s no longer the case.

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